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Five Top Christmas Gifts For Toddlers

In this article, we will introduce five Top Christmas Gifts for Toddlers between the ages of 2 and 4. These are formative years for your kids and they need gifts that will both entertain and educate them, otherwise known as "Edutainment Gifts".

The first gift in this Edutainment category comes from Step 2 and is called the Waterwheel Activity Play Table. Kids love to play with water and the WaterWheel Play Table brings them interactive, and safe, water fun while at the same time bringing valuable cause and effect learning to your children.

In our testing with kids 2-4, we found they never tired of the WaterWheel. In fact, the older kids seemed to gravitate towards it as well. The kids are able to load up the WaterWheel and then play many games which involve cups, sailboats, and of course the water wheel. By performing certain actions, the kids are able to create many water-fun directions and realize how their actions affect the behavior of the game. The WaterWheel can be enjoyed by up to 3 kids at a time.

Fisher Price earns the seconds prize for Top Toddler Christmas Gifts with their Brilliant Basics Baby's First Blocks. Like many Fisher Price toys, this provides endless entertainment for the kids while teaching them valuable coordinative lessons. In the game, the children are provided with big, bright, colorful blocks that they need to fit in the correct spaces. When they have accomplished this, the kids enjoy dumping out the blocks and begin starting all over again. At under $ 10, this gift provides limitless fun at a very affordable cost.

Playskool rings in at the number three spot with the Busy Ball Popper. Playskool, a consistent maker of quality toys for kids, provides a lively game in Busy Ball Popper. In the game, colorful balls are placed onto a track and then shoot out the top giving endless joy to your young kids. The Popper clearly meets the entertainment threshold and earns its educational status as it teaches your young kids valuable motor skills.

Our fourth offering is perhaps the absolute best gift for the toddler that indicates an artistic bent. It is for the young Picasso or Monet. It is called the Melissa and Doug Deluxe Standing Easel. This standing easel is a chalk board and dry erase board all in one. We like the imaginative draw of the Easel as children actively engage their mind by drawing, and re-drawing objects. This is a definite must to unearth your child's imaginative powers.

Finally, one of the most sought after gifts this Christmas 2009 is offered by ZhuZhu Pets and is called the Funhouse Set with Hamster. This is for ages 3 and up and is slightly more expensive that the other offerings as it employs a lot of new technology. This game features Patches the Hamster, an intelligent motorized critter who moves about a Funhouse. Patches talks, explores, naps and entertains your kids with various expressions and traits. Your kids are taught valuable lessons in caring and nurturing and will receive endless enjoyment from patches.

Each of these gifts is a hot Christmas gift for toddlers in 2009 and provides both significant entertainment and learning opportunities!

Source by Richard Mas