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Christmas Came With Lowest Mortgage Rates

In these often turbulent times in our culture, our world, & the Real Estate Industry… I wanted to write something tonight that was off the charts. I didn’t want it to be positive per se, or even negative for that matter. I wanted it to be a total wide-eyed glimpse at the truth. Quite frankly, I wanted to assure comfort where there is pain, peace where there remains angst. However, the truth is… Welcome to Life. It doesn’t get easy folks, but it does get interesting.

Inspired words and stories and moments come and go, as do the less than ideal ones. Coping is a reaction to these, some dwell… others swell… you never can tell what you’d do if faced with the ultimate obstacle in your way. This particular prose isn’t about Individuality though; it’s about something kind of special. You see, Christmas came early for me. I know Saints & I’ve met Angels and that’s what this is about. Most of us can look around and find gifts, things given to us selflessly and without further thought. For anyone reading this who can’t, your day will come… I am very confident of that.

The one thing that I’ve always believed is that we live for a greater cause, the greater purpose. I regardless of whether I’m on target or not there, we live so we probably should take full advantage of the time we’ve been given. The Gift of “Time”… see sponsor to my right.

I was never much of a Hippie, I was always more of a guy to open other Doors. Yet, sometimes even yours truly gets a tad bit engulfed in doing the very thing that is so against my nature. I’m a loner by trade and soul, but the connection can’t possibly be ignored… we are one. I don’t have to like you and may never will. You may not like me and I understand that completely. But in the end, hell or high water, I’m by your side and I’m pretty sure you’re by mine. After-all, we are in this… why not be so together?

Christmas came early for me just moments ago. I back-washed every moment I’ve ever lived. She was there my parents were there, as were my friends and so-called enemies. And for one moment in time, ego aside, differences thrown away, we held hands as we extend further to a greater truth.

I’m not a religious chap by nature, that’s a business in my estimation. Spirituality, now that is cool. Regardless, we all share the inevitability of death and the common practice of life. You may be surprised that I finance homes for a living, considering I was more philosophic than Aristotle on a bad batch of peyote.

So, for one extended moment in time… I challenge us all to extend the olive branch to each-other and help, not hurt. Embrace, don’t drive away. Maybe it’s the Season, perhaps I’m just blessed in ignorance, yet I think we can all agree that getting together and destroying the differences isn’t a bad moment to have. After-all, time isn’t easily put together, but very often pulled apart.

Source by Praksh Singh