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Tired of Your London Office Space? – Make 2010 the Last Christmas There

The environment we work in is incredibly important, research has shown that certain things which may seem trivial, such as lighting, noise, temperature, and location of an office space has a huge impact on productivity and revenue.

So how important is your office space? And is it entirely important for staff to have a pleasing work environment with the upcoming season of good will? The answer is quite simple; many studies have shown that certain work environments are more conducive to productivity than others and the occasional relocation helps to boost office fervour; this is also directly affected by the genre of work being done. London is renowned for its title as a major business district, as well as being a pivotal point in the financial, political and cultural center.

It seems like a smart idea to base your office space in London with over 12 million people in the Greater London area, it remains the heart of worldwide business and travel. With 5 international airports, millions visit the city and it's said that over 300 languages ​​are spoken everyday within the capital.If already situated in London and wanting a change of scenery, the vast area of ​​London has no shortages in different office locations. The London commercial property market is thriving with existing prominent areas as well as new arising properties, critically acclaimed areas include Covent Garden Office Space, Westminster, and the London Bridge area.

In the spectrum of London's commercial space lie prestigious areas such as Clerkenwell and Farrington in the heart of the city with very reasonably priced offices, starting at a mere £ 17.00 per square foot (per annum) and ranging to £ 35.00, they prove ideal if opting for a less expensive central office space. Locating an office space in the central area of ​​London has tremendous benefits, accessibility is vital for a company to prosper and London's underground system stretches across every corner of the city along with an efficient network of buses and taxis on standby. Having good communications is a must, and an office space in London immediately gives a huge platform for networking.

Maintaining a fresh vibrant environment for employees is essential and many find that a new location comes hand in hand with a new positive energy for employees, so if considering locating somewhere new this Christmas it is worth doing your market research. Studies have shown that different areas work best relative to the type of work carried out within the office space. The West End includes prominent areas such as Kings Cross, Mayfair and Soho. In these areas office rental prices vary from £ 15.00 per square foot, to £ 90.00, this range is due to the array of different office spaces, many bounded by a highly cultured area, authentic buildings and a vibrant atmosphere.

For those contemplating a move – the list of London office space locations goes on; with areas such as Canary Wharf presenting offices in the Harbor Exchange and Canada Square, and Waterloo Place in Leicester Square. Office rental in Soho starts from £ 25.00 per square foot (per annum), offices here come in many forms, from basic economical spaces, to top quality newly refurbished office spaces. When concluding it is fair to say that making an effort to ensure the work environment is as comfortable and conducive to productivity is time well spent on the part of an employer. Location sets the backdrop of the work environment and has a strong impact on the employees and the company's results.

Source by Shivani Gurtu-Louth