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Wrapping Christmas Gifts

Wrapping Christmas Gifts on Christmas Eve is one of the greatest rituals of the season. Many people would wrap their gifts right after the presents are bought but, somehow, fiddling with ribbons, tissue paper and tape just before the big day is much more fun.

Understandably, most of your Christmas presents will have to be wrapped beforehand, but save some to the last minute and relish the excitement. Deciding on a theme for all your gifts, big or small, would be a good idea before you consider how to wrap your presents.

Your Christmas tree can provide you with a cue for the color and style of your wrapping. If you have a traditionally dressed tree, covered with antique decorations and glass baubles, then presents wrapped in glossy red or green paper with contrasting ribbons will look marvelous piled at its foot. Lavishly wrapped Christmas gifts tied with layered organza, velvet or silk ribbons would look best under a white and gold tree. If you decorated your tree with pinecones and homemade gingerbread decorations, this would call for an equally understated wrapping style. And as far as stocking stuffers concerned, tissue paper would be your only option. You should not bother about the color – what matters is the crinkly, crunchy sound it makes.

Not all Christmas gifts require straightforward wrapping. Too small or delicate presents, or those that are awkwardly shaped, would be better off in a box that can ensure that a present's shape does not reveal its contents. You can either use ready-made boxes or save old packaging that you can later customize with wrapping paper and ribbons. Consider buying plain white or colored bags to brighten up with cut-out stars, snowflakes or holly leaves. For something more sophisticated, create a collage, such as Christmas tree, using papers in different textures, weights, and colors.

Make matching tags with whatever you have left over, or incorporate your friends name into the design. Fabric bags would be a good way to use up any odd pieces of fabric or felt you may have around. To seal the bags, just use a length of ribbon tied in a bow.

Gift tokens are always a great gift when you are feeling uninspired, but a little white envelope would look so skimpy next to stack of promising presents. If you are giving someone a token, a check, theater tickets, or just a $ 20 bill, it would worth making an effort to dress up the gift. You can buy a colorful envelope and decorate it with paper cut-outs, sequins, feathers, metallic pens, and glitter, or make your own decorative envelope.

Source by Val Kinsky