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Christmas Sermon Outlines – Get Ahead of the Game

When you are writing Christmas Sermon Outlines there is always a common theme. The topics may change but the big ideas remain the same. You want the people who are in your congregation and under your care to learn and live differently. At Christmas time the ways your sermons address how your congregation should live differently are often specifically related to the Christmas season. So why do we wait until Christmas is actually upon us to share all of that? By the time we usually share our messages for Christmas people are already struggling and in the midst the hustle and bustle. They are already making poor choices and missing the point. Why not share the Christmas Sermon Outline before all of that so people can just live differently instead of regretting not living right.

There are a couple of obvious reasons we do not do this. One is because we often believe that it will feel awkward to talk about Christmas when Thanksgiving has not even passed. This is quite understandable. It will be a little weird and quite possibly throw your congregation for a loop. But you could take advantage of that and use it as an opportunity to catch your congregations attention. Maybe adjust your PowerPoint, redecorate the sanctuary or auditorium, or kick off the service with a Christmas song. This will be a great attention getter. Then clearly state your purpose in preaching the message you are. Explain to them that you are not crazy and share your Christmas Sermon Outline clearly and effectively.

Another reason I believe we do not take this strategy is we assume people already know what we are going to tell them because we shared it all the year before. We have to get out of this mindset. Obviously people are missing something because our culture continues to slip away from the meaning of Christmas and we continue to feel the need to teach the same stuff. Maybe this is because we are teaching it too late?

Whatever it is you are worried about try to work past it. Think outside the box and try sharing those outlines you have prepared for Christmas ahead of time. You might be surprised at the results you see.

Source by Randall Baskin