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How to Prepare Yourself to Choose the Right Christmas Tree

The first thing you want to think about before choosing a Christmas tree is where do you want to put it. Don't place your tree near heating vents, radiators, sunny windows, or fireplaces. Place your tree in a more insulated spot but still where people can see it.

Next, using a tape measure, measure the height of your ceiling and the width of that space. This will help you to decide where a good place a Christmas tree will fit your home. Plus measure your tree stand to know the diameter of the tree trunk you can use, and measure the height of your tree stand and the length of your treetop decoration.

Remember to bring your tape measure with you when you go shopping for your tree, and bring the measurements you wrote down on paper.

You should also bring construction gloves for your hands protection. To protect your car, truck, or van from sap and pine needles use an old blanket. Unless the tree farm has one bring some rope or twin to tie your tree to your vehicle.

Make sure your tree stand is ready, get a bucket of warm water so your tree has water to drink right when you get it home. Check that your tree stand is strong and the right size. If you need a new tree stand the taller the tree the larger diameter of the trunk. Make sure the stand can hold lots of water.

Once the above steps are completed you are ready to choose your Christmas tree.

Source by Nancy Fitzgerald