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Christmas – A Symphony of Harmonized Spirits

Christmas is when you feel the real taste of snowflakes in your mouth and enjoy the best ice cream of nature.

What is so beautiful about the festival that makes you wait a year for its merriment? Is it the sound of the church-bells ringing near the village? The hooting and laughter of children playing nearby the snow-ground, is that what we like so much?

The snowman that we lovingly build and decorate it with pipe and a red hat makes us laugh with joy. Is that the reason for being happy?

Our mass prayers inside the church are the important things to attend. The Reverend is preaching the teachings about the festivities along with the sacrifice of Lord Jesus and its 1 thing that we cannot forget. We are indebted to our lord for our entire lives and the time after that.

The Lord God, our greatest originator always sacrificed his own amity for us to let us live in contentment. Just ask yourself, did you ever try to sacrifice your tiniest wish for someone who is a stranger?

Every little festival denotes a symbol of giving a piece of your soul to the needy. If it is a beggar, you can offer him your blessings of hardship and food. If it is a small child who is eyeing your candy with hungry eyes then do not waste your time and give the best delicacy from your storage.

God wants us to help who are in the dire need. It is a fortune that you are not one of those people who are suffering from disease or pain.

Be happy for this moment, as god has given you a second chance in the form of a new day to breathe in this cosmos. It is not easy to live in this world without a day of struggles, running for money and taking care of your children. Christmas denotes this spirit of fulfilment that a human should ignite in his heart.

He has made every soul with an inbound message attached in the heart of serving and praying. For a helpless person, the wealthy is an angel from heaven. How do you suppose the concept of angels came into existence? They are nothing but good people who in the darkest hours of night bring warmth and shelter to the ones sleeping on the footpath.

We have read and seen hundreds of stories based on Christmas miracles. Some of them hold the truth while some are stereotypical faith lines. They are nothing but a strong belief in the soul-maker for giving a sign of hope and well-being. Christmas is a spirit that is inside our souls.

We ought to understand that the real lord god would expect nothing like decorating trees and singing disco songs with parties but to serve people in the best possible way.

As long as we live, we must remember that our birth is made for a certain purpose. It can be in the form of a soldier protecting his country, or in the form of a doctor who cries with the patient’s pain and tries his best to heal. In a form of a poet, who jots down the secrets of living a brave and sincere life? Yes, they come in million forms and it is our responsibility to believe what is the truth and what hides in the veil of lies.

This festival is a celebration of our own goodness.

We feel happy because we are experiencing the phase where nothing but candour faith and worship counts. The boat of life can only move if the oars are handled by love and loyalty.

Even if we cannot become the HIM, we can follow his principles and bring out the human God within us. So, Can I have Amen to that?

Christmas is coming and who is getting the enlightenment? Are we doing things that the lord preached us to do? If not, then stand up and start to offer your best help to the people who will give you a thousand blessings in exchange of a torn blanket.

Merry Christmas.

Jesus bless you all.

Source by Janaki Mehta