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What Does Christmas Mean To You?

The season is upon us when many people view the day we call
Christmas as a special time to celebrate the last holiday of the
current year.

Weeks leading up to this day, you will find that shoppers are
busy strolling the malls for that perfect gift for their love
ones and acquaintances. Even though they sometimes have to shove
their way through the crowds, you will still find that levels of
happiness remains high.

Families decorate their surroundings with the smell of pine,
cinnamon and a host of shining lights. Plans are being made to
travel at a distance to engage in the family celebration.

Even the usually grumpy people, now show a glimpse of unusual
kindness during this season. The normal stone face with gloomy
eyes now can be seen with a faint smile and eyes that reflect a
tiny sparkle.

Children are especially happy as they wait in anticipation and
expectation of the many surprises they will soon get to unwrap.

It's even a tradition for many to prepare a more abundant and
extraordinary meal for this day called Christmas.

But what does Christmas really mean to you? What is the
celebration really about? Is it more about an outer celebration
or an inner one?

I'm certain that each individual will have a different aspect to
the questions asked. And there are no right or wrong answers
because it all depends on where in life one is as to how they
will respond.

For me, I see Christmas far different today than I did ten years
ago, even five years ago. I admit I went the traditional route
for a long time in order to give my kids and family the special
day that was expected.

Now, years later, after my kids are grown and have left home. I.
now attune to a more deeper and inner celebration. Not just on
this day but everyday is special to me.

Still, somehow Christmas remains a bit more special because it
marks the birth date of my Lord and Savior. I will continue to
look at this day as spirit filled and to be exceedingly grateful
that Christ was born. Yet, I choose to consider everyday as
spirit filled because of who created each day as well as being
the creator of you and me and all of this beautiful Universe.

This day called Christmas has taught me how much more to be
grateful and to feel gratitude for all things and all people.

Behold I bring unto you good tidings of great joy, which shall
be to all people.

For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Savior,
which is Christ the Lord. Luke 2: 10-11

Wishing you all the very best of the holidays. May
it be filled with great love peace and happiness.

Source by Rena Williams